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I had no beef with Daddy Lumba, our fans were rather bitter rivals after our parting – Nana Acheampong

Nana Acheampong asserts that there has never been animosity between him and his “brother,” Daddy Lumba, despite long-standing public perception to the contrary.


On Monday, April 22, 2024, at 100.5 FM in Accra, the legendary figure of Highlife chatted with Nana Romeo.

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He was responding to the idea that the alleged altercation between him and Daddy Lumba was the first—or at the very least, the largest—between two of the biggest artists in Ghanaian music history.


“Although it might appear that we initiated the beef craze, my brother and I, about whom people claim I have a beef, were not at odds. Not a single day went by that we had any issues.


We got separated after working on music together for a while. People believed it had to do with money or women, “said the man.


He clarified, “The breakup was a signal to the fans that something big had caused it. They had admired us as a duo of young, talented music performers, and they were hurt.”


“We split the fans when we broke into two different music brands, creating a rivalry like that between the football teams Hearts of Oak and Asante Kotoko, fighting for one trophy,” stated Nana Acheampong.


Even though “no one heard him, or I make any accusations against the other,” he insisted that the fight was between the fans.


As the public divided into two factions, the “Nana Acheampong Football Club and Daddy Lumba Football Club,” the well-known singer-songwriter recalled how intense the rivalry was between his and Lumba’s fans.


“My brother and I had no beef between us, but they were fighting,” he emphasised. “We did not do the verbal exchanges and give-and-take that is done now.”


Some of their songs, he acknowledged, “clashed.” Daddy Lumba did, however, respond, “Those songs were not made about me,” in reference to songs that appeared to be directed at him. Both of us do not claim them as our own.


He stated, “These were just songs we released to entertain our fans.”


Nana Acheampong declared unequivocally that he has never recorded or released a song under the DSS. He said that his music only reflected life.


Before pursuing solo careers in the 1980s, Nana Acheampong and Daddy Lumba were a highlife duo known as the Lumba Brothers. When they first got together in Germany, they performed in the style of Burger Highlife.


Daddy Lumba claims that he was a gospel performer in Germany “until Nana Acheampong found me and introduced me to Highlife.” I owe him a great deal because he has been instrumental in my musical career. During his appearance at the Legends Night event held in January 2023 at the Accra International Conference Centre (AICC), he was paying tribute to Acheampong.


It was a heartfelt reunion after many years since their infamous beef when Nana Acheampong unexpectedly joined Daddy Lumba on stage that evening.


Akosua Serwaa, the wife of Daddy Lumba, an executive produced the Lumba Brothers’ first long play (LP), Stranded Abroad, which was originally scheduled for release in 1986 but only came to fruition in 1989.


Fameye appears on Nana Acheampong’s most recent song, “Ye Wo Nyame” (We Have God).


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