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Daddy Boat Opens Up On Why He Titled His New Song “Kitiwa Biaa Nsua

Daddy Boat, a singer and songwriter has disclosed the motive behind the title of his new single ‘Kitiwa Biaa Nsua.’


Speaking on Atinka FM, the host Roman Fada inquired him why he labelled his new song as ‘Kitiwa Biaa Nsua’ and he responded by saying;

“Growing up in Accra, I had a friend whom God blessed early and became rich and provided for us.


He even bought food for us and even helped some of us to drive ‘trotro’. But later, what the guy went through made him realise that the little God has given to you is better than a big one given to you by satan.”


This experience made him title his new song ‘Kitiwa Biaa Nsua’ which translates to “Nothing is small.”


Daddy Boat encourages everyone to be content with whatever they have and that not all that glitters is gold.


Furthermore, he spoke about his coming back into the music industry. Daddy Boat took a break from music a couple of years ago after his producers abandoned him because he sounded like Daddy Lumba.


With his passion for music, he has returned to take up a spot in the minds of Ghanaians and music lovers. Daddy Boat released two songs last year which were ‘Onuakwafo’ and ‘Adom.’


You can stream ‘Kitiwa Biaa Nsua’ featuring the legendary KK Fosu and Lindabel below;



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