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Gospel singer Neon Adejo ties the knot

Neon Adejo, a well-known gospel singer and songwriter from Nigeria, got married this past weekend to Tade Kehinde, his beloved, in a colorful ceremony.


Their excursion to conjugal rapture started with a heartfelt proposition in London, making way for an adoration filled association.

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Neon Adejo, celebrated for his outline beating Christian hymn “Eze Ebube,” thoughtfully imparted the glad event to fans and well-wishers through superb pictures and recordings catching the quintessence of their exceptional day. The traditional marriage celebration, which took place on April 29, 2024, was the highlight of the festivities. It was filled with laughter, love, and genuine conversations.

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Caught in endearing recordings and pictures, the lucky man, brilliant with satisfaction, offered thanks to his groomsmen for their relentless help and solidarity, exemplifying the fellowship of the pivotal event. Kehinde’s radiant smile as she descended the staircase, her eyes reflecting love and anticipation as she approached her beloved groom, was captured in another touching moment.



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