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My physical appearance doesn’t change the message of the gospel – Joseph Matthew replies critics

Afro-gospel musician Joseph Matthew, who has won numerous awards, has stressed that performing gospel music has nothing to do with appearance or attire.


Regarding his appearance, Joseph Matthew has drawn a lot of criticism. His clothing is reminiscent of hip-hop artists, and he has dreadlocks.

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Joseph Matthew clarified in an interview with Metro TV that being a gospel musician has nothing to do with physical appearance.


The “Blessed” crooner claims, “Education is the key. It is a common misconception that gospel music requires particular vocal styles, wardrobe choices, and physical appearances.”


He emphasised that “it is important for people to realise that dressing in this manner and having dreadlocks does not guarantee eternal damnation.


Serving God should allow you to have fun, look good, and wear nice clothes. Both the song’s quality and message remain unchanged.


Joseph Matthew, a well-known singer of songs like “Nyame Ye, Not Alone, Blessed, The Name, and Promise Land,” took home the 2023 Ghana Music Awards UK’s “Best Gospel Song of the Year UK” title.

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