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Medikal releases ‘Balenciaga’ featuring Mayorkun, a fusion of African sounds




With the release of rapper Medikal’s most recent single, “Balenciaga,” featuring the well-known Nigerian singer Mayorkun, Africa’s music scene has been blessed with yet another gem.

The song is included in Medal’s eagerly awaited album, “Planning and Plotting,” a 14-track masterpiece that features a fusion of various musical talents from all over the continent.

“Balenciaga” is a standout track on this album and one that is sure to ignite dance floors and connect with listeners all over the world.

The song, which is produced by the talented Fresh VDM, who is renowned for his outstanding work with top African artists, exudes a vibrant energy that perfectly captures the spirit of modern African music.

The legendary Ofori Amponsah, Shatta Wale, and the versatile Bisa Kdei are just a few of the big-name artists who have collaborated with Medikal, a superstar in the rap scene.

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This diverse group of artists not only demonstrates Medikal’s dedication to showcasing the rich tapestry of African music but also underlines his resolve to promote harmony and cooperation within the sector.

The success of cross-cultural cooperation is best demonstrated by “Balenciaga.” Mayorkun’s mellow vocals blend harmoniously with Medikal’s fiery verses to produce a song that transcends national boundaries and deeply affects listeners. The song deftly bridges the gap between Ghana and Nigeria, two musical powerhouses in Africa, showcasing the shared musical and cultural heritage that unites these two countries.

The name “Balenciaga” was chosen with symbolic meaning, denoting wealth and opulence. The lyrics of the song explore themes of achievement, aspiration, and the quest for greatness, reflecting the musicians’ own experiences in the music business.

“Balenciaga” is an anthem for anyone working towards success because Medikal and Mayorkun invite listeners to join them on their journey by way of their engaging verses.

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Fresh VDM’s production of the song is simply outstanding. The maestro expertly fuses a variety of musical genres to create a bouncy and infectious beat that provides the perfect backdrop for Medikal and Mayorkun’s dynamic performances. The end result is a song that is both artistically profound and appealing to the general public.

“Planning and Plotting” is set to revolutionise the African music scene by showcasing Medikal’s artistic versatility and his deft handling of various musical genres. The album’s wide variety of collaborations and outstanding production quality bear witness to Medikal’s commitment to making music that breaks down barriers.

Fans can anticipate experiencing the magic that results when two musical powerhouses collaborate to create something extraordinary as “Balenciaga” hits the airwaves. Due to its contagious energy and significant cultural significance, the song will undoubtedly top charts across the continent and beyond.

“Balenciaga” is a shining example of what can be accomplished when artists come together to create something truly exceptional in a field that thrives on innovation and collaboration. The collaboration between Mayorkun and Medikal on this song is evidence of the continent’s musical community’s capacity for creativity and cooperation.




















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