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Dada Hafco partners BeSocial for his new single ‘Puupuu’

Highlife musician Dada Hafco has released “Puupuu,” a much-awaited single.

One of the songs listeners will be jamming to this holiday season and beyond is the one released on Friday, December 15th, 2023.

One of the biggest supporters of highlife music, Dada Hafco, who was recently in Zurich for the Ghana Day Festival highlife concert and is known for hits like “Yebewu Nti,” “Our Story,” and “Playboy,” plans to push the genre even further this holiday season and beyond.

Hafco thinks that by collaborating with BeSocial, a brand-new social media platform that empowers artists, the partnership validates the highlife genre’s enduring existence and heralds the arrival of positive social values.

A motivational highlife song called “Puupuu” talks about being happy with life and gives wise advice on not being envious of other people’s lives.

He describes the new song as a response to the public’s desire for “the new realism of Ghanaian highlife, where the audience wants to be fed with insight.” The passionate highlife advocate is well-known for his genuine relational story-telling lyrics.

“A little break to study a few things and what is going on in the space to make sure I serve Ghanaians with the best of music brewed in Ghana,” is how Hafco characterizes his nearly one-year hiatus from music releases.

“A lot of creatives and content creators, like myself, can become addicted to BeSocial as it offers a unique blend of entertainment, community, and monetization, tailored specifically for the African market, and a space for creators to engage with a global audience while maintaining a strong African identity and connection,” he continued. “I was also working behind the scenes to get social with business.”

The song’s themes are further cemented for Hafco by his collaboration with BeSocial on the release of ‘Puupuu,’ which emphasizes the attention-seeking nature of modern social media.

‘Puupuu’, mixed and mastered by DDT, features production credits to DatBeatGod and is available on all digital platforms.

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