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Being at UG is a dream come true – Guru

A well-known rapper and musician in Ghana, Guru, has shared his passion for the University of Ghana, where he is a student right now.


In an interview with Joy Prime, Guru—real name Maradona Yeboah Adjei—talked about how enrolling there had fulfilled a dream of his.

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He reminisced about his active involvement in university life, including his contribution to Hall Week celebrations and his collaboration with the Student Representative Council (SRC) to plan events, such as Mister Drew’s successful appearance.


Being at the University of Ghana feels like a dream come true for me because it has always been my dream school. I therefore offered to do everything for them.


“In my first year, I assisted in planning Evandy Hall Week celebrations and sponsored a few of the events. I also worked with the SRC to help organise these events. It was a great success that I could bring Mister Drew,” he remarked.

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The “Lapaz Toyota” hitmaker, who was asked about what motivated him to enrol in college, said that his mother’s support and the boredom brought on by the pandemic were the main reasons he decided to return to school.


He said he changed his major from information technology to political science and information studies after enrolling in a bachelor’s programme in information technology. He went on to say that he hoped to collaborate with the UN and use his expertise on a worldwide basis.


“I was bored after COVID. I jumped at the chance to pursue my academic goals because my mother is an avid learner and wanted me to finish my degree. I enrolled at the University of Ghana with the intention of studying for a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, but later changed my mind and decided to study Political Science and Information Studies because I wanted to work for the United Nations.


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