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Aklerh Out With Much-Anticipated EP, “Dancehall Queen”

The eagerly awaited EP “Dancehall Queen,” by the versatile musician Aklerh, is now officially available, ending the wait.

Featuring a dynamic fusion of Reggae/Dancehall and afrobeats, this six-track EP is set to captivate audiences with its unique style and infectious rhythms.

“Dancehall Queen,” which was produced by the legendary Cashtwo and Jeph Green, demonstrates Aklerh’s skill and her ability to slickly combine several musical genres.

The EP’s songs all present novel viewpoints that are a reflection of Aklerh’s wide range of experiences and influences.
Track two of the EP, which features the gifted musicians Yaw Grey and Ennwai of Dobble, is one particularly noteworthy collaboration. Their contributions give the EP more depth and richness, which makes for a memorable listening experience.


The EP’s title track, “track one,” is one of the other tracks that will keep fans of music captivated.

A captivating journey is also provided by songs like “Odo,” “Bra (Gbodom),” “Kingman Ting,” and “Body Good” featuring Yaw Grey.

“The title, ‘Dancehall Queen,’ represents my ability to seamlessly transition from my everyday persona to my bold and expressive self in the Reggae/Dancehall space,” Aklerh said in response to a question concerning the inspiration behind the EP.
With the release of “Dancehall Queen,” Aklerh hopes to use her music to uplift and connect with more people.

“I hope this EP resonates with listeners and brings them happiness,” she said.

“I am eager to see where this journey takes me professionally, and personally, it is a significant milestone in my career,” Aklerh continued.
The EP’s “Dancehall Queen” is a masterpiece, and each song narrates a distinct tale, enticing listeners to fully immerse themselves in Aklerh’s constantly-evolving musical universe.
All of the major streaming services currently offer “Labadi Gyal’s” debut EP. Do not pass up the opportunity to listen to the songs and enjoy the timeless melody created by Aklerh by clicking the link below to experience the magic of his music in person:

Watch her video below:

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