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Songs produced these days don’t last long, it’s all about dancing – Nana Acheampong

Music industry veteran Nana Acheampong has expressed opinions about the level of content in contemporary music versus that of his own time.


According to him, the messages in songs released by musicians in recent years do not make them as popular as they once did. He went on to say that dance is valued more than message.

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The singer went on to say that some of the songs from back then are still relevant today because they had lyrics that inspired and guided listeners.


Nana Acheampong emphasised the necessity for musicians in the current era to concentrate on inspirational messages in order to impact lives while speaking in an interview with Zionfelix that Remedi Entertainment was watching.


People say that songs produced these days do not stay for long because their popularity declines, but what does Zionfelix, the interview host, ask? Is that how you see it?

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“Yes, I see it that way,” Nana Acheampong retorted. The meaning of our songs was different in our day. It was brimming with motivational advice. People have called me to share their childhood experiences of being inspired and impacted by my songs.


“Since dancing is everything these days, a trend eventually becomes dated and is replaced by another. The message was the focus for the duration of our time.”

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