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I didn’t think Ghanaians have reached Grammy level yet – Pappy Kojo

Rapper Jason Gaisie, better known by his stage name Pappy Kojo, is from Ghana. He recently made a controversial statement regarding Ghanaians and the Grammy Awards.


The rapper “Mbesiafo” claims he was unaware that Ghanaian musicians had advanced to the point where they were submitting Grammy nominations.

In an interview with Ameyaw TV, Pappy Kojo expressed his opinions regarding Stonebwoy’s rejection of his Grammy nomination.


“I do not even know if Ghanaians have advanced to the point where we receive Grammy nominations. I am just expressing this because, you know, there are not many Nigerians represented in the Grammy Awards; they always bring them up; I do not even know any Ghanaians; it is our turn,” he remarked.


The divisive rapper went on to say that the Grammy Awards have always been for Nigerians and that he could win a Grammy on behalf of his mother, a Ghanaian, rather than as a Ghanaian.


“Let’s be honest, I didn’t know because it’s been the Nigerians; for the past, I don’t know when, and I didn’t know that it’s our turn. When I said I was going to win the Grammy for Ghana, I’m Italian, and my mom is Ghanaian, so I wanted to do it for my mom; I didn’t mean I was going to get it for the whole of Ghana, like I’m Ghanaian,” he told host Zeinat.


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