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There’s Polygamy In The DNA Of Every Man – Ofori Amponsah Claims

Samuel Ofori Amponsah, better known by his stage name Mr All4Real, is a modern Ghanaian highlife singer/songwriter who has caused controversy by claiming that polygamy is a genetic trait shared by all men.

Though he acknowledges that polygamy exists for all men, he thinks it is a challenging endeavour. Despite this notion, the crooner said that a man might stick with a single woman if he feels comfortable with her.

He stated that he does not personally practise polygamy since “it scared me to see the situation my father was in.”

Ofori Amposah insisted that “considering all the women in the world, I do not think it was intended for a man to marry just one,” despite the previously mentioned fear.

The “Otoolege” hitmaker broke the news in a recent interview with Zionfelix, saying that he had experienced several failed marriages. He clarified, however, that he did not file for divorce from any of them; instead, the women chose to leave him because he was a bad boy.

Speaking about his past relationships, he disclosed that he had been in a good number of them. He then went on to say that the reason he has been in so many relationships is because of his genuine gentlemanly demeanour, which attracts women to him. He firmly feels that women are easily drawn to him because of his charisma.

“I love music more than anything else,” was his response when asked what made him think of himself as a bad boy. I am a huge music lover, but I spend too much time indoors and do not have time for anything else. I don’t think my life is something people will love because I spend my time mostly in the room.”

The former Man of God also revealed that he is happily married to Serwaa, highlighting their close relationship and expressing his deep affection for her.

The ladies abandon me because I am a bad boy. However, I do not dissolve my unions. You will suffer in life if God does not select a wife for you in this profession. I have broken up with over three women. Take a look at my handsomeness! If she (Serwa) fools me, I think I can marry someone else,” he declared.


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