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Gospel musicians relatively earn little money as it is reinvested into the ministry- Nacee

Gospel musicians nowadays make comparatively less money than their secular counterparts, according to Nana Osei, better known by her stage name Nacee, a Ghanaian musician.

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The “Aseda” singer made it clear during an appearance as a guest on TV3 that the majority of their music earnings are reinvested in their ministry and music, leaving very little money for their personal use.


“Yes and no, depending on the finances. As a result, on the gospel side of things, the majority of the profits are reinvested in ministry endeavours such as providing aid to the needy and spreading the word. So ours is not like you get the money; you put it in your pocket,” he said.

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Although the Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO) pays royalties, Nacee claims that the money is insufficient for them to live on.


“We receive royalties. We understand, but it is not something that is truly significant enough, in my opinion. “I believe there are a thousand or so,” he continued.


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