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Kalybos finally speaks on alleged feud with Funny Face over a girl


Kalybos has at last explained that there’s no ill will among him and joke artist Funny Face, regardless of tales recommending in any case.


Kalybos made sense of that while he and Funny Face were once close, their relationship has become less close over the long run because of previous occasions that made him more careful about kinships.

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He focused on the significance of picking companions astutely to stay away from complexities throughout everyday life. Talking on Onua FM and monitored by Remedi Entertainment, that’s what kalybos referenced despite the fact that his bond with Funny Face may not be all around as solid as in the past, it doesn’t mean they’re not companions any longer’


“It’s not that we’re no longer friends,” Kalybos responded when host Felicia Osei inquired about their friendship. Certain circumstances harden you, and not every person who enters your life is intended to remain. It’s best not to grip to what shouldn’t remain. We haven’t met as of late, yet certain occasions uncover who ought to be close to you. Thus, there’s no strain.”

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Kalybos likewise tended to Funny Face’s allegation that he sought after a lady Funny Face had been engaged with.


He denied the case, expressing that he wouldn’t engage with somebody related with Funny Face. He even referenced how his life partner kids about the allegation, which he sees as ridiculous.


Kalybos encouraged general society to ignore Funny Face’s cases, conceding that he’s uncertain about the explanations for Funny Face’s issues. It’s critical to take note of that this conflict happened before Kalybos got hitched as of late.


During the meeting with Felicia Osei, the entertainer likewise spouted about the pleasantness of marriage, admitting that he had no clue it very well may be this satisfying until he said “I do” to his first love.


“Until I married the love of my life, I didn’t know marriage could be this sweet. On the off chance that you awaken to relaise somebdoy thinks often and contemplates you more than yourself , it feels good…if I had realized it would have hitched a long time back,” Kalybos commented.

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