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I will rather invest in my soul than fix my body – Celestine Donkor

Celestine Donkor, a well-known gospel singer from Ghana, refuted  that she was having weight loss surgery, saying instead that she would prefer to invest her money in her soul.


In an interview with Hitz FM on April 25, 2024, she stated that, when done for medical reasons, she sees nothing wrong with surgeries like weight loss procedures.

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Being an artist means that you are constantly in public, so you want to look good. I realised after reading a lot about it that sometimes these surgeries are advised. Therefore, I would not say that I would,” she remarked.


However, Celestine Donkor declared that she would use the money to invest in her soul rather than use it to fix her body.


“As for me, I would invest in my soul rather than my body if I had GHC40,000 or GHC50,000 to work on it because this body will eventually die.


“Your body, no matter how well-sculpted and slender it is, will eventually be buried beneath the earth. Your soul is the one that never dies. Thus, we invest a lot of money in appearance, but our souls appear appallingly ugly,” she remarked.

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Celestine stated her intention to use her resources for long-term effects, indicating that she would prefer to help underprivileged orphans than to splurge on expensive cosmetic procedures.


“However, despite your decent appearance, you still choose to save more than GHC50,000 to get in shape for others? For me, that would not be an option.

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