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Women Must Learn To Enter Relationship With Pride And Self Respect – Stephanie Benson

Ghanaian songstress Stephanie Benson has advised young women to go into relationships not only because of love and what they will gain but with pride and self respect.

Stephanie Benson made this call on women especially those who are ready to enter into any form of relationship on her Instagram page.

According to Stephanie Benson a lady in search of a long term relationship or better still a lasting relationship should go into a relationship with self respect because there are some women who always depend on the man and it makes it difficult for the man to respect and value them.

The singer added that it will be best if a lady enters any relationship, a little independent, it will give the man the chance to respect her and also listen to her advice and ideas when aired but if you go into a relationship thinking he is the one who should take care of you and your other needs it’s makes things difficult .

She further stated that Ghanaian parents have made a mistake by making their girls believe a man should pay for everything and the lady has to bring good things home. This advice by parents is not helping the ladies in any way but rather destroying them and any chance of finding lasting relationships.

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