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Why should I cheat on my wife after marriage? – Bisa Kdei

The musician Bisa Kdei from Ghana has stated that he does not believe men should have extramarital affairs, particularly after they have married a specific woman.


According to the musician, he has no intention of cheating on his wife and is ready to stay with her until death do them part. He claimed that his wife was open to gratifying his erotic appetite.

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He emphasised that in order to protect their husbands from infidelity, married women must dress in a way that appeals to them and satisfies them sexually.


The musician was asked, “Can you stay faithful to your wife for the rest of your life?” by show host Nana Romeo during an interview with Accra FM that Remedi Entertainment was watching.


“Why not?” was Bisa’s next response. Not cheating on his wife is something I can and will do. Polygamy was very common in the past, but things changed as a result of civilization. It is intended that two people get married. This idea states that a woman should always look attractive and wear nice clothes for her husband.

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“There is no need to feel shy after marriage; the woman is supposed to do everything in the bedroom to satisfy the man.”


Furthermore, Bisa Kdei claimed that women’s attitudes can occasionally play a role in why their partners choose to have extramarital affairs.


“The way that women handle issues when they come up can sometimes lead to their involvement in infidelity. You are the one at fault if you make your partner feel uncomfortable and he ends up having an affair.”


It is noteworthy that Bisa recently exchanged vows in a private ceremony.

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