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What kind of nonsense is that? – MOG fights blogger for ‘twisting’ his anti-LGBT+ Bill comment

Gospel performer MOG, also known as Nana Yaw Boakye, has confronted blogger “Akosombo TV” for allegedly “twisting” his remarks about the anti-LGBT+ Bill.


When asked about his position on the anti-LGBT+ bill that is awaiting presidential assent, MOG took the fifth. This was during the United Showbiz programme on UTV.

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Following his remark, he saw a blogger’s post in which he claimed that “gospel musician MOG chooses trumu trumu (gay) over Jesus Christ.”


MOG expressed his displeasure with the news item and sent a strong warning to the blogger, “Akosombo TV,” after becoming visibly upset by the post. Within the following twenty-four hours, he insisted that the story be taken down immediately, calling it “untrue.” The musician threatened to take legal action against the blogger if they did not comply.


“A blogger going by the handle Akosombo TV just posted something that read, ‘I chose gay over Christ.'” He simply said, “I plead the fifth,” without making any decisions. My lawyers are going to write to you, whoever you are. I am sick of people abusing and taking advantage of other people online, and this is not a joke.


“Do not misinterpret what I say online; I have never discussed LGBT+ issues. If you do not take down the post within the next 24 hours, Akosombo, or whoever you are, I will sue you. What sort of nonsense is that, since I have never supported gays?” He became enraged.

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The anti-LGBT+ bill has sparked discussions on social media, but MOG declined to clarify his position on it.


He declared that he would not publicly reveal his position on the anti-LGBT+ bill because of his career as a gospel artist, whom people in society look up to and regard highly. This is a strategy to safeguard his reputation, he claims.


He contended that if he made his views on the bill known to the public, whether positive or negative, he might face criticism from some quarters, which he would prefer to avoid.


MOG mentioned that he is free to voice his thoughts on the bill in private but not in public.

Due to my involvement in the gospel music industry, I will argue the fifth point on this issue [the anti-LGBT+ Bill]. Protecting my brand and image is why I am saying this. I would prefer to keep quiet about it because if I spoke out in favour of it or against it, others would undoubtedly disagree.


During the United Showbiz programme that Remedi Entertainment was watching, he said to MzGee, “I can speak about my stance on the issue privately but not on air.”







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