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Unmarried Delay Cannot Interrogate Me About My Husband – Ohemaa Woyeje

Sensational Ghanaian media personality Ohemaa Woyeje, host of Angel FM’s Mid-morning show, has recently come under fire from her colleague Deloris Frimpong Manso, also known as Delay, for asking about her marital status during an interview that took place about two years ago.


She claims that during their interview on the “Delay Show” two years ago, Delay’s true goal was not to promote her, as some viewers of the show had thought, but rather to question her about rumours of her husband’s infidelity

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During an interview on Class TV’s Class Showbiz, Ohemaa revealed that she knew the interviewer had ulterior motives for interviewing Delay, so she purposefully acknowledged the rumours about her husband’s infidelity.


Rumours about my husband’s infidelity were the reason Delay invited me for the interview. You should be able to resolve marital problems once you are married. Tima and Adwoa Saah, for example, kept quiet. The individual with whom I am interviewing is single and does not talk about her relationship on her programme. I would not let someone who is single question me about my husband’s life because no marriage is flawless. She does not even talk about her personal relationship on her programme. I replied by telling her that she could not possibly surprise me. “I knew she had another agenda, and she did not interview me for publicity,” the woman remarked.

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The media personality, who doubles as a brand influencer, further asserted that her relationship with Delay soured when she transitioned from Top Radio to Oman FM, adding that Delay couldn’t transfer her listeners due to various reasons, resulting in some tension between them.


“Normally, I would get no calls for interviews from Delay because she did not get along with me after I left Top Radio. There was an odd rivalry, and she was unable to move the listeners from Top Radio to Oman FM. She had never given me a call before. You can see that, even though we were friends, she behaved as though she did not know me from the interview. Consequently, you also pretend when someone else does,” she said.



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