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There is no money in gospel music in Ghana – Sonnie Badu

Prominent Ghanaian gospel performer Sonnie Badu has boldly declared that the country’s gospel music industry is struggling financially.

He claims that even though gospel music is spiritually rich and significant, the country’s gospel musicians do not receive financial compensation commensurate with their skill or commitment to the field.


The “Baba” hitmaker stated that it is more profitable to make gospel music in Nigeria than in Ghana, while also highlighting the difficulties faced by musicians who choose to devote their careers to sharing the gospel.

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On Thursday, December 7, 2023, during their Starr Chat conversation, he revealed this information.

“They should not feel bad for not performing gospel music because it is not profitable. They get nothing and receive subpar treatment. They simply hand them anything. If you go to Airport Shell as a gospel artist, there ought to be a way for you to get anything you want for nothing.

“You can pick it up for free at the airport if you can jump on Delta. “Hey, you are a gospel artist; it is free,” the engineer said when you go to the studio to record a song.

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The crooner also revealed that he pays all of the musicians, including instrumentalists, who play on his show. He emphasised that all of the musicians and instrumentalists taking part in his next concert would receive payment from him.

Furthermore, Sonnie Badu disapproved of the belief expressed by some members of the public that gospel musicians should not charge for their performances at concerts or other events because they are carrying out God’s will.


Thus, there is a cost associated with logistics, even though they are provided for free in God’s work. All of the musicians on my show have invoices, which I pay. For my next show, I will pay every instrumentalist.

“If you don’t have the balls, you can’t do it; you can’t; don’t try it. And if you want to do me a favour in return for a favour, I understand it. But nothing is for free in this world,” he added.


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