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There is no love in the gospel music industry – Piesie Esther

The well-known gospel performer Piesie Esther has acknowledged that there is little affection among participants in the Ghanaian gospel music sector.


The 2023 Artiste of the Year winner of the Ghana Music Awards Europe (GMAE) admitted that contrary to her initial impressions, members of the industry hardly ever show one another love in an interview with Accra 100.5 FM.

She claims that such behaviour is typical in any business, though.


“At first, I believed that there was love in the business, but now that I am there, I see that there is not any love. But what I have learned is that that is how it is in any business with a large number of employees,” she said.

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It was due to interpersonal competition and rivalry, according to her. In addition, most businesspeople may smile and laugh together but secretly harbour a deep animosity towards one another.


Piesie Esther used herself as an example, saying that she had been forced to be lighthearted in front of some people even though she had no romantic feelings for them.


“There are times when you see a fellow gospel colleague and just want to pass by the person because you feel nothing for that person. But you just have to greet and smile with that person,” she said.

Piesie Esther however, admitted that many gospel artists are hardworking, but there is little to no love to be found among them.

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