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The support for female musicians should not be limited to the industry, we need support from gov’t etc.- Eno Barony

A recipient of multiple awards, Ghanaian rapper Eno Barony thinks the movement to support women in the music business should extend beyond the industry.


The “Low Key” rapper says that while there have been many requests for assistance for women in the music business, she thinks that support should extend beyond the industry.

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In an interview with Doreen Avio on Hitz FM, Eno Barony called on women in high positions of leadership to support women in other sectors of the economy.


This concept was put forth by Eno when talking about her opinions on “women supporting women.”

“When a woman does something, I think ours creates more employment than the guys’ and so needs to be supported,” she said. “We should support ourselves more.”


“I do not think we should be supported based only on the industry,” she said in reference to support. Even the government, for example, could send a female minister saying, “Hey, I like Eno’s new song; let me tweet about it,” or the Ministry of Women and Gender could ask Wendy Shay or Eno to participate in a project they are working on. That will help you greatly, not only in the industry, as there are some loudmouths who have such respect for others that it helps you greatly when they see people connected to them. Therefore, she continued, “Women supporting women should be found everywhere, not just among musicians.”


The rapper is currently promoting “Low Key,” her new song, which is available for streaming on all platforms.


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