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The maiden Makeup and Hair Reality Show to hit your screens soon



In today’s global society, beauty has become a valued trait and the perceived absence may lead to damaging social bias.

Women may mostly suffer from social anxiety, prejudice and inequality based on their appearance as compared to men. However, a woman’s hair and facial looks is the most noticeable part of her beauty and one cannot describe a woman’s beauty in modern day without noticing her outward looks which includes a beautiful makeup wear and hairdo.
Makeup can be defined in cosmetology as the use of various cosmetics to beautify the face, skin and hair.

There are so many young men and women in Africa who have learnt skills in various kinds of hair do and facial makeup but do not get any form of motivation to help enhance their businesses. This phenomenon has led to many switching from their God given talents to other businesses to make ends meet whereas others give up and end up being jobless while others switch to endulging in some social vices.

As a continent where the youth is being advised to go into entrepreneurial works rather than waiting to be employed by the government and other entities due to filled up vacancies, it is very necessary for one to have some form of motivation and extra training to be able to be independent.

It is for this reason that The Make Up and Hair Reality Show Africa by Inner Works Creatives is here to make the dream of Makeup Artists, Hair Artists and young Enterpreneurs within the Fashion and beauty space and general entities a reality.

The Makeup and Hair Reality Show Africa was launched on January 19th, 2021 with the aim of scouting potential and existing Makeup Artists, Makeup lovers and Hair Stylists to showcase their talents in a thirteen week reality show.
Auditions were held for interested participants in Accra at the Oasis Studios at Adabraka on Friday November 5 at exactly 10am with the second face of the auditions being held at the Kumasi Cultural on November 13, 2021.

Both auditions attracted a large number of young enterprising men and women in the beauty industry who showcased their handy works for marks to be selected into the Reality house.
So far, twenty participants from both the Accra and Kumasi auditions have been selected for both Hair artistry and makeup artistry for the maiden edition of the Reality show which will commence in January 2022 with various tasks given to participants to work on.

Like other reality shows, eviction sections will be held for participants based on the votes and performance for the week with various packages presented to evictees.
Winners of both Makeup artists and Hair artists will be presented a cash amount each with a fully furnished saloon each and a travelling package.

Although others may be against hair do and wearing of makeup due to the following reasons,
Fixing of hair and wearing makeup can be costly. Makeup may cause the skin to age faster.

Skin irritation.

Makeup and hair creams may contain harmful substances. The believe that people should own your imperfections instead of covering them.
Using makeup can cause annoying smell and also the perception that make
among others, I believe that using the right makeup and applying the right among of cream on your hair and scalp with the right hair do will not cause harm to the body but rather enhance on one’s beauty making them confident and presentable.

According to a study by Robertson and colleagues (2008), reveals a positive correlation between frequent use of costmetic and anxiety, self consciousness and comformity.
Did you know that makeup has health benefits?
According to Dr. Philip Artemi of the Australasian College of Dermatologist, “the unique blend of Sun Protection ingredients and reflectors of solar radiation, functional colored cosmetics can be a vital part of a woman’s anti-aging and skin cancer prevention arsenal”.
However ever, The Makeup and Hair Reality Show is not just here to reveal the importance of hair and make up artistry by their practical teaching but will also serve as an avenue for business for young and upcoming entrepreneurs.
With the above discussion on the crucial role of Makeup and Hair in human lives, I call on all and sundry to support Inner Works Creatives to be able to carry out this project.


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