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The Ghana Music Industry is in bad shape- Akosua Agyapong

Akosua Agyapong, a legendary Ghanaian highlife singer, has expressed her dissatisfaction with the current state of the Ghanaian music industry.


According to musician Cum TV personality, despite Ghana’s wealth of rhythms, the country’s music sector has lagged behind when it comes to investing, unlike Nigeria, Senegal, and other countries where musicians thrive in the void.

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“I went to the Seychelles and heard them playing Nigerian songs; whenever I travel, I hear Nigerian music, Senegal songs, and Mali.” The question now is, why is Ghana not capitalising on these rhythms? We have the rhythms to enhance the sound of our music.


“At the moment, Nigerians play better highlife music than Ghanaians.” Listening to songs from Senegal and Mali will reveal similarities to rhythms from northern Ghana.


“So why are we in pain?” “I will continue to say that the right things have not been done,” she stated.

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Akosua Agyapong emphasised the lack of a support system to propel artists and their crafts to the forefront.


“And it is like some money we expect from the Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO) that we do not get; these funds could help us record many songs, and it is like our system is designed in such a way that you have to go through a process to get your songs overseas.”


“Our leaders do not help us,” she continued. “When you look at Senegal, their president sometimes travels with one or two musicians to go perform at an event before the president himself speaks, so their music goes far, but in Ghana, the president will not take any musicians along when he travels for international meetings.”


“And Ghanaians, including ourselves,” she continued, “do not promote our own.”


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