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Talk To Someone When You’re Going Through Tough Times; Don’t Bottle It In – Funny Face Advises

Funny Face, a well-known comedian and actor in Ghana, has sent a message of importance to his fellow countrymen, asking them to be honest and open about their feelings when facing difficult circumstances.


The comedian emphasised the value of getting support and assistance rather than suppressing one’s emotions, having gone through his fair share of personal hardships and public challenges.

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Funny Face—real name Benson Nana Yaw Oduro Boateng—discussed in an exclusive Showbiz 360 interview with TV3’s Giovani Caleb that holding back when faced with hardships or life’s challenges causes more harm than good and ultimately leads people to their graves. He also exhorted people to seek out professional, familial, or friend support networks when they are facing challenges in their lives.


Funny Face has made his own journey through personal struggles and mental health issues widely known. He has used these experiences to advocate for self-care and mental health awareness. He has contributed to lessening the stigma in Ghana related to mental health issues by telling his story and promoting candid discussions.


“Are you aware of the struggles people face and the reasons behind their silence? People are dying because of that. Speak with someone whenever you experience anything. Speak with someone when experiencing something you do not understand. I experienced it, but I remained closed off to others. Before things deteriorated roughly three years ago, I continued to bottle everything up. Funny claimed that if I had confided in someone, they would have assisted me.



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