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Stop listening to entertainment pundits, they have planned against me! – Shatta Wale to fans

Dancehall/Reggae artist Shatta Wale, who is controversial, has warned his fans not to pay attention to entertainment shows that he believes are plotting to harm him.

On April 15, 2024, the vocal musician claimed on Facebook Live that he had deliberately distanced himself from the industry in order to damage his reputation.

“Ignore all entertainment programmes; they have banded together to undermine me. They intend to disgrace me by spreading rumours that I am disrespectful and that I insult people frequently, simply because I stated that I do not want to work in the industry. “They are lying because they do not have any money,” he remarked.

He counselled his followers to cease watching entertainment shows since he thought they could impede their personal development.

“Stop consuming entertainment programming; it will drag you down. Create a life that you deserve,” he asserted.

With the words, “Throw your radio and TV away, the world is open now, if you want to listen to me, come on my social media.” Shatta Wale invited his followers to get in touch with him directly on social media for uncensored updates. I will talk to you live when I go on,” he said.

This is the most recent in a string of confrontations between media personalities and artists. Shatta Wale got into heated arguments with commentators on United Showbiz, a well-liked UTV programme, in 2023.

He charged them with attempting to damage his brand by disseminating untrue stories about him.

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