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Ghanaian Stand up comedians are really chalking some remarkable success this year. Most of these comedians have either hosted a successful show this year or have such projects coming this month.

Comedian Waris had his “Seriously Unserious” show on October 16th, this year. This saw the fast rising comedian fill the Snap Cinema in the AMA building. We also had Lekzy De Comic bringing in some serious numbers to the same venue with his “Too Cute To Be Mute” comedy show on November 6th. His reaction on stage upon seeing the attendees was out of this world. The auditorium was filled to the brim, which he must be proud of.

OB Ampomsah is also coming up with “Popular But Broke” at the SG Mall in Kumasi on December 4th and the National Theatre in Accra, a fortnight later. The young comedian has been able to pull ace comedians Mikey Osei Berko and Fritz Baffour who have been off the comedy stages for a long time.

Comedians Dr Sas and Foster Romanus also have their individual shows coming up as the latter celebrates his 15th year in the Comedy industry.

Also, when you talk about togetherness and support for each other, Ghanaian Stand up comedians are the hallmarks of this act. They work together as a team and put in their maximum energy, regardless of whose project is on the table. You will find most of these colleague comedians trooping in to the venues to show love even when they are not billed to perform on the night.

Another notable fact is the support for the upcoming brands. Brands like Oh Joo, Tee Kay, Jerry Ashinyo, Kojo PJ and the likes get the opportunities to build their brands on a number of stages these frontliners provide.

There have been plans to take this Stand up comedy a notch higher as most of these acts such as DKB, Jacinta, OB Amponsah and Lekzy have performed in other African countries. It is time to take things intercontinental as the boss of Alordia Promotions has confessed his plans of bringing some of our comedians to the United Kingdom for a comedy show.

Lekzy, OB Amponsah and Jerry Ashinyo have their “What Matters Today (WMT)” program on Pluzz FM and “The Half Serious Show” on GH One TV every week.

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