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Sonnie Badu claims 78% of American Gospel artistes are members of the LGBTQIA community

Sonnie Badu, the multi-award-winning gospel singer and pastor from Ghana, has shared his thoughts on why he decided to block his kids from watching YouTube because of the overwhelming amount of content that is LGBTQ+.


In an exclusive interview with Nana Romeo on Accra FM, the crooner expressed discomfort regarding the existence of homosexual overtones on seemingly innocent platforms such as Disney World.

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By asserting that a sizable portion of American gospel musicians identify as LGBT+, he further demonstrated the widespread nature of LGBTQ+ representation.


According to Sonnie Badu, approximately 78% of gospel musicians in the United States identify as gay. This information may cause Ghanaian churches to rethink featuring music from these artists.


Personally, I do not think my kids watch YouTube any more. Without advancing the LGBTQ+ agenda, there would not be any content. Disney World is no longer showing anything innocent, he claimed; their attempt is subtle but has an impact on the young viewer that lasts a long time.

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He said, “The majority of these popular musicians whose songs we play on our airwaves and in our churches are involved in LGBT activities. In America, there are about 78% gay gospel musicians. Once you get to know them, you will not listen to their music ever again. He stated, “Even some of the bishops that we listen to and follow are involved in LGBT activities.


He said that a fellow gospel musician had once cautioned him against getting involved in such affairs.
“One of the gospel musicians even told me to keep my mouth shut when I saw what they were doing because they knew I was a conservative,” the man stated.


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