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Shut up if you won’t help Edward Akwasi Boateng – Kwaku Manu blasts Diana Asamoah

The controversial gospel musician Diana Asamoah has come under fire from Ghanaian actor Kwaku Manu for showing what he saw as “disrespect” for struggling musician Edward Akwasi Boateng.


His opinion is that Diana Asamoah lacks dignity in her suggestion to Edward Akwasi Boateng over the radio to utilise his gifted car for ride-hailing services.

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Edward Akwasi Boateng should not be allowed to use the car anyway. Diana Asamoah thought she had the right to.
Kwaku Manu asked Diana Asamoah to remain silent if she would not assist Edward Akwasi Boateng during a live TikTok session that GhanaWeb was watching.


“As a gospel musician, are you campaigning for Christ or what? Your fellow gospel musician is in need, and a pastor has gifted him a car and promised to take care of his children to help his situation. What is your issue if the pastor did not instruct him [Edward Akwasi Boateng] to use the car for ride-hailing services? If you are not going to help him, you would better shut up.


You would not have treated him so disrespectfully on the radio if he were your spouse or a family member, I am sure. How is it possible for Christians to stab one another in this manner? Not in public, but in private, you could have given him advice,” he raged.


Spiritlife Revival Ministries General Overseer Prophet Benard El Benard Nelson-Eshun gave Edward Akwasi Boateng a car and offered an educational scholarship to help the gospel singer’s kids go to college.

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After a video of the veteran gospel musician selling pen drives and CDs for survival went viral, the musician claimed to have lost 17 cars and all his properties due to a failed marriage, forcing him to struggle to make ends meet.


The preacher was moved to compassion for the musician after witnessing his suffering.
The artist.
Following the gesture, Edward Akwasi Boateng was chastised by Diana Asamoah for not using his gifts wisely in order to maintain his life.

She says that since this is Edward Akwasi Boateng’s second public appeal for assistance, he ought to handle the gifts with caution.


Diana Asamoah emphasised that, in her opinion, Edward Akwasi Boateng should utilise the gifted car for a ride-hailing service to generate income and better manage his financial situation.


Edward Akwasi Boateng has made a public plea for assistance twice, and he is lucky to have been gifted a car this time. I would suggest that he use the car to operate a ride-hailing business so that he can make some money.


After making two public appeals for help, Edward Akwasi Boateng is fortunate to have received a car this time. To make some money, I would advise him to use the car to run a ride-hailing service.


In the early 2000s, Edward Akwasi Boateng was well-known in Ghanaian gospel music and experienced great success, making over $300,000.


He had a luxurious lifestyle during that time, driving seventeen expensive cars and owning large homes across the nation.


Even though he made a good living from music and sold 55,500 copies of his hit song “Adea Mep3” back in the day, he told Akoma FM that difficulties in his other business endeavours caused him to struggle financially.

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