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Shatta Wale’s insults on Fada Dickson and Dr. Osei Kwame Despite pained me a lot – Mr. Logic

Mr Logic, a talent agent and entertainment commentator, expressed his displeasure with Shatta Wale after the musician attacked Despite Media’s management over his conflict with worker Kwasi Aboagye.


He emphasised that involving the managing director, Fada Dickson, and the owner of Despite Media, Dr. Osei Kwame Despite, was the incorrect strategy for handling the situation and that Shatta Wale should have responded to Kwasi Aboagye alone given that he was the one with whom he had a problem.

However, the outspoken entertainment expert criticised Kwasi Aboagye, host of the Peace FM Entertainment Review show, for making statements without all the necessary evidence to support them.


Mr Logic said during a panel discussion on the United Showbiz show on United Television (UTV), which GhanaWeb watched, that it hurts him that Shatta Wale insulted Dr Osei Kwame and Fada Dickson despite their positions on the matter.

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I regret that Shatta Wale did not respond to Kwasi Aboagye directly, but I was not pleased with the way he involved Fada Dickson and Dr Osei Kwame. because the presenter is independent of the radio station owner and the director. I was disappointed in the way he included the bosses in the matter. He said to host MzGee, “I am not happy with the way he insulted such famous people.


Mr. Logic added that Kwasi Aboagye’s commentary on Shatta Wale’s £80,000 fee claim was unnecessary because he did not look into the matter in depth and compile all the information to support his claims.


“In my opinion, Kwasi Aboagye took Shatta Wale’s claim about his performance fee too personally. It is possible that the £80,000 was not given to him in actual cash outright. Maybe £40,000 in cash was given to him, and the rest was used for other expenses.

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Since he did not have all the information, in my opinion, he ought to have dropped the matter after acknowledging that he was missing the contract. Although I do not mean to criticise him, I have some concerns about the issues it brought up, Mr. Logic said.


His response follows Kwasi Aboagye’s debunking of Shatta Wale’s claims that he received a whopping £80,000 payment for performing at the Ghana Music Awards UK 2023.


The Dancehall musician boasted about receiving such money earlier in a Twitter post, thanking the event’s organisers and attendees for a successful event.


Shatta said something that appeared to be a dig at Ghanaian event planners:
“I am grateful, London, #GMAUK.” You achieved what Ghanaian music couldn’t: you won the 80k prize for performance artist of the year 2023 (the cherry on top). The rapper Shatta Wale has moved to London.


Shatta’s claims, however, were untrue, according to Kwasi Aboagye.


In his Peace FM Entertainment Review, the well-known broadcaster claimed that the event’s organisers couldn’t pay him such a sum after incurring other significant expenses for his trip.


After incurring costs for a visa, a first-class flight, lodging, and other expenses for him and his team, he claimed the organisers would not be able to afford such a sum.


“Shatta Wale claimed he received a performance fee of 80,000 pounds in addition to the ultimate ‘Artist of the Year’ award. For his performance, he was never given 80,000 pounds. It is a sizable lie. Even if they did, would they be able to give Shatta Wale that amount of money? He is deceiving.


“Never is it true. 80,000 lbs. You received a hero’s welcome and a royal treat when you arrived at the airport. You received visas for yourself, your girlfriend, and your entire team. You two took a first-class flight. If you ever received 10,000 pounds, I am not sure.


“The organisers are unable to comment on it; however, listeners, I want you to know that it is untrue. They are unable to grant him that sum of money. He responded, “Which Ghanaian living in the UK can give that amount?


As a result, Kwasi Aboagye and the people in charge of Despite Media, the company that employs the radio host, came under fire from Shatta Wale. Despite the assault, an unfazed Kwasi Aboagye insisted that it was untrue to say that Shatta Wale received such a sum of money.

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