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Sally Mann fires Akwaboah for calling out Kwabena Kwabena, Becca over event date

Entertainment analyst Sally Mann has accused Ghanaian musician Akwaboah of berating fellow artists Kwabena Kwabena and Becca over a dispute over the dates of their shows.

She asserts that Akwaboah has no authority to stop other musicians from hosting events on the day he has his plan.

She chastised Akwaboah for publicly voicing his disapproval of his two colleagues’ decision to cancel their events on February 14, 2024, citing that decision as the reason for his cancellation.

“There is no way Akwaboah can claim that because he has scheduled his program for February 14, 2024, no artist should hold an event on that date; it was God who created the date, not Akwaboah’s parents.”

“It was wrong by all standards for him to call out the two musicians (Kwabena Kwabena and Becca) during an interview. Even if they had wronged you, he shouldn’t have handled the issue in that manner,” she said while speaking on the Power Entertainment show monitored by GhanaWeb.

She continued, saying that Becca and Kwabena Kwabena were crucial to Akwaboah’s music career and that he went too far in his remarks and deeds.

“Akwaboah became popular through Banson, who was managing Becca by then. So the two individuals (Kwabena Kwabena) and Becca have played a pivotal role in his music career, so he could have done better.”

In response to his remarks, Akwaboah faced criticism on Valentine’s Day, with some people criticizing him for making a date claim.

The remarks made by Akwaboah that set off the criticisms were as follows: “Last year, I was greatly disturbed when he [Kwabena Kwabena] failed to show up for an event that he was supposed to attend.” I resolved it with my manager later. He was supposed to do it earlier, on February 10, which is why I am not sure why he set the date for February 14. If his conscience serves him right for what he is doing, it’s up to him. His decision baffles me a lot.”



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