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Safo Newman reveals the untold story behind his signature beanie hat

The tale behind Safo Newman’s go-to headgear, the beanie—a tiny, form-fitting hat that he never takes off—has been disclosed. Safo is a recent sensation in the music industry.


Safo Newman stated in an interview with Graphic Showbiz that wearing a beanie was a thank you to a supporter who had helped him along the way with his music since 2019. It was not a fashion statement.

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He was not related to the person he had never met until recently, but he felt that this person was like a father to him and had supported him both financially and emotionally.


“This beanie pays homage to the person who saw potential in me right away. Though we are not blood relatives, he has supported my musical dreams unwaveringly, acting as a father figure to me.


“I had never met him in person until recently, but before that, he was always reaching out to me and offering the support I required. Although he is not based in Ghana, he nevertheless goes out of his way to assist me as if he has known me his entire life, “said the man.

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According to Safo Newman, the fact that the individual was wearing a beanie also encouraged him to follow suit. He claimed to have felt grateful and honoured each time he put on one of the beanies that had been given to him.


He always sports a beanie as well, which affected my decision regarding headgear. I wear one of the beanies he gave me every day as a thank you and a reminder of his generosity. I can only honour the one who saw potential in me before others did by doing that, “he revealed.


A career technology teacher at Cosmos Basic School in Lapaz, Accra, Safo gained notoriety in late 2023 as a result of the success of “Akokoa,” which renowned Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie referred to as “a banger.”


His skill at writing lyrics and his ability to blend traditional and modern musical styles have won him accolades. To have a positive influence on the music industry, he is currently working on several new projects.

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