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Ruth Kadiri threatens legal action against Ghanaian TV stations airing her content without authorisation

Ruth Kadiri, a well-known Nollywood actress and filmmaker, has issued a stern warning to Ghanaian television stations that are airing her content without proper authorization.


Similarly, the most famous actress has stated her intention to take legal action against offenders.

The actress, who has received widespread acclaim for her roles in various Nollywood films, emphasised the significance of intellectual property rights.

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She claimed that the unauthorised broadcast of her films not only violated her rights but also harmed the livelihoods of many people involved in the production process.


In a recent video posted on her social media platforms, the actress stated that she is serious about dealing legally with those who are involved in the unauthorised broadcasting of her films and series.


“I love the country as a whole, but I am very disappointed that a major Ghanaian TV station would go on my platform, rip my content apart, and show it on TV as if they had a licence to do so.”

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It is not even one, let alone two or three. I do not want to put a watermark on my contents because I think it will make them look sloppy. This is the first warning, and it will be the last because you will hear from my lawyers the next time.


Please, please, please do not begin to drag ourselves through the mud. “I expect a lot from you because you know how expensive it is to create content, and instead of buying it, you would rather rip it and show it on national TV,” she explained.


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