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Promote your own was for your own Good – Enock Agyepong

Aside from us, no one will remove his intestines and replace them with cotton.


According to Enock Agyepong, CEO of Speech Production, “For years we have been preaching, Let us promote our own, let us promote our own site, but as usual, those in charge of promoting our own have decided to take money from our neighbours and promote their works.” They have exchanged the birthright for coins.


It is true that heavily publicising something can increase demand for it.

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Now, in December, we are told that our audience prefers our neighbour’s music over our own; in fact, sponsors spend more money on them than on our artists. As I previously stated, common sense should tell us that the more we promote something else, the more our people will demand it; however, because we refuse to think, we continue to do so in everything, including prioritising soap operas over local productions.


Just a few weeks ago, we all saw how Olive The Boy launched his music career with all the razzmatazz, the Sonys, the Universals, and finally the activation of the Nigerian tour, only to be told that his performance on Big Brother Naija had been cancelled from appearing on TV.


According to the camp, they pitched for the show, which implies that they may have paid to be on that platform. Finally, we are given the flimsy explanation that it was a miscommunication between the show’s director and producer.

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The truth is that if we are stupid enough to prefer others over ourselves, they are not stupid enough to prefer ours over theirs, and the irony is that some of our people were crying fowl over a show we pitched for smh.”


He went on to say that George M. Britton made it clear that the BBN programme is only for their artists and serves to protect their industry.


While you fight and insult your artists down here, you boldly construct billboards for them, play their music on your TV channels, and play their songs in all of our clubs and events. Wei


Unfortunately, even our artist’s shelving at the BBN House is not being discussed on our platforms, which should tell you how we have contributed to our downfall. It is unfortunate, but who can blame me?


Greedy and selfish people who have acted as agents for our neighbours have sold out the industry.


Sense One thing we don’t get is the plain truth.


I really did not want to write about it, but if we don’t, history will judge us.


We wish Olive and his team the best of luck in their careers and ask that they recover quickly from that setback and move on quickly because the journey has only just begun.


Kweku Ananse thought he was the wisest man on the planet until Ntekuma told him to tie the pot of wisdom to his back before climbing the tree.


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