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Practically, marriage is not beneficial to men – Kojo Yankson asserts

Ghanaian broadcast journalist Kojo Yankson has stated that marriage might not be a practical choice for men.


During her appearance on the LynxPlay podcast “Say Less,” the media personality questioned conventional beliefs about marriage and the perceived advantages it offers people, especially men.

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In addition, he questioned the popular wisdom that says marriage is primarily advantageous to men. Yankson contends that men are unlikely to benefit financially from marriage. He clarified that the complicated obligations and expectations that come with modern marriages can occasionally outweigh the advantages that are thought to exist, particularly for men.


Kojo Yankson continued by saying that, practically speaking, it is hard to measure how much marriage benefits men in comparison to how much it benefits women.


It is difficult to see how marriage benefits a man, especially when compared to how it benefits a woman, if he were to be realistic and base his assessment on straightforward cost-benefit scenarios.

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The esteemed broadcaster, to a greater degree, questioned the special advantages married men have over single men.


Asking, “What are the things a married man can do or possess that a single man cannot?” he put his audience to the test. I will give up if you can only name one.”


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