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Potential disrespect against my wife made me keep my marriage from the public eye – Foster Romanus

Emerging Ghanaian comedian Foster Owusu Amponsah, better known by his stage name Foster Romanus, has opened up about why he chose to keep his marriage a secret from the public, citing worries about possible insensitivity to his wife.


In an open admission on actor Eddie Nartey’s podcast, Romanus disclosed that he wished to protect his spouse from any unwarranted disdain that might result from their public affiliation. Romanus further explained that the entertainment industry frequently subjects public figures to invasive scrutiny.

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To protect his wife’s health and keep their private ceremony private from prying eyes, the well-known comedian chose to have it that way.


“Because it attracts attention, and I have witnessed a few weddings where guests tend to disregard your decision. Then the person you believe is best for you asks themselves, “What is wrong with you?” Why did you make this decision? “I did not want my spouse to experience that,” he uttered.

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Romanus underscored the significance of upholding the integrity of his marriage, stating that his public profession does not permit any encroachment into his private life. The comedian’s choice demonstrates a considered response to the difficulties associated with celebrity, where the spotlight can occasionally blur the lines separating the public and private domains.



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