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Nothing will make me divorce my husband – Florence Obinim boldly states

The controversial pastor and founder of International God’s Way Church, Bishop Daniel Obinim, is the husband of contemporary Ghanaian gospel singer Florence Obinim, who has gained attention for her unshakable dedication to her marriage.


Florence made a public show of her devotion during a church service, stating that she would never waver in her devotion to the pastor despite the difficulties and scandals that surrounded their marriage.

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She told him that she had begun her life with Bishop Obinim when he had nothing and described how she had supported him through difficult times. The crooner went on to say that she would fight to protect her marriage to her spouse.


A few weeks ago, Bishop Daniel Obinim, the founder and head of International Godsway Church, bemoaned the loss of numerous members following his altercation with Kennedy Agyapong, the politician.


As stated in a self-recorded video, Bishop Obinim ran at a significant loss as a result of his feud with Kennedy Agyapong.
After the altercation, he went on to say that he still finds it difficult to welcome 200 people to his church.

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Remember how the Member of Parliament got Bishop Obinim arrested a few years ago? Kennedy Agyapong at the time accused the man of God of fabricating documents and publishing false news, which resulted in charges under sections 208 and 159 of the Criminal and Other Offences Act, 1960 (Act 29).


Due to his belief that he was more spiritually developed than the Assin Central MP, Obinim claimed to have disregarded divine orders to leave the conflict peacefully. Against Kennedy Agyapong, he ultimately succumbed. Regardless, his spouse, Florence Obinim, has expressed her willingness to support him no matter what.




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