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Nana Kwame Gyan Writes “Political Prostitutes”

Living in a world where everyone is just the opposite of what they portray to be has been the order of the day. Many are the hypocrites surrounding us day in day out making it obvious they are or hiding and giving us the chance to find out ourselves. This I side with Navonne Johns when he said “a person’s character is shown through their actions in life not where they sit on Sunday”. This is very true the character of the people surrounding reveals the number of hypocrite we face each day. These hypocrites can be found everywhere, in every field, sector, area which the creative art industry and the political arena is not a minus.

Many are the people in the creative art industry who now portray themselves as ‘political prostitutes’; moving from one political party to another just for their stomachs. These ‘Political prostitutes’ lack principles and do not focus on the future of the industry just following political parties in power all the time with their stomachs with the mindset they will get money to enjoy. So when NPP arrives they join NPP and when NDC does they do same.

All I have to say about these ones is ,they should keep joking and playing around all the time because a day of reckoning is coming where they would love others to listen to them on serious issues but they wouldn’t be lent an ear because by that time everyone would have been accustomed to your attitude; the love of money and hypocrisy.

These attitude of such ‘political prostitutes’ makes them useless to the industry. The industry needs to be built with people who make known their colours, stick with them and keep up their good work with passion still driving them not their stomach. That is why I love and respect Rex Omar, Baba Sadiq, Ola Michael ,Okraku Mantey, Franky 5 , Fredyma ,Kwasi Enerst who are in the industry and will tell you I belong to NPP or I belong to NDC without changing colours despite the changes in government.

This is what should be done in the industry where we work with passion, despite our differences and not change our colours just to make ends meet without thinking about the future of the industry, our children and the hope of the country.

These ‘political prostitutes’ must be kicked out, pulled out and in fact ejected, because they are of no use to the industry in that their ejection neither contributes or subtracts anything from the industry. It’s time we all come together and truth be told ,sack these fake ones out of the industry to build the industry with the better ones.

God bless the creatives .
Nana Kwame Gyan

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