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My ‘oga’ hit song was never a diss to Samini – KK Fosu

The assertion that KK Fosu, a musician from Ghana, wrote a diss track directed at Samini in his song “Oga” has been refuted.


The nature of the song’s contents has led to the perception that it was an attack on the dancehall musician over time.

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Since the song was released during the period in which Samini and KK Fosu were embroiled in a feud, internet users speculated that the song was KK Fosu’s way of addressing his issues with Samini.


In an interview, KK Fosu, however, stated that the purpose of his massive hit song, “Oga,” was just to amuse his followers.


He clarified that Samini, whom he considered “family,” was not the target of the song, which instead focused on life’s realities.

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Samini was not the target audience for the song. Every song I write is inspired by a real-life problem. After going through all that life has to offer, I compose my songs. He said to Accra’s Onua FM, “I have been consistent about this, and I say this all the time, but people do not believe it.


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