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My Ex-Manager Was My Fiancé, Liar & Demon So I Cheated On Him – Queen eShun

Queen eShun has accused her former manager and fiance Stephen Mensah the CEO of Quophimens Music of being a liar and demonic.

It has been alleged that Stephen Mensah came out to throw shots at his former fiancée(eShun) saying she was ungrateful and left the label without completing the contract duration.

Well Eshun also had to come out and clear the doubt. This is what she had to say.

The female vocalist revealed in an interview with ZionFelix how her previous record label maltreated her before parting ways.

It’s very shocking to hear such a tragedy. She made it known that her ex-fiancé tortured her life. The singer was however in an intimate relationship with her “self acclaimed manager”. Could this be the reason he offered to help her with her music career?.

The “Akyea” singer had to leave her parents to her Ex-Fiancé/Manager’s residence at Cape coast to avoid long distance relationship. She claimed things didn’t go well with them and they started having issues.Her fiancé became very strict on her and started body shaming her, looking down on her and a whole lot. The singer claimed she was emotionally abused and tortured. Which made her depressed and emotionally weak.

She kept mute on all these because she was intimidated by her ex-fiancé and manager and she had several prophecies from the relative of her fiancé who was however said to be a prophet (not knowing he was a fake prophet).

After all these mysteries and tragedies, she was able to find peace. Which is the best thing we wish for her. We wish her all the best with her new management.

Source: Irene Mart | Remedi Entertainment

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