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‘Most people like it raw’ – Sonnie Badu on why HIV/AIDS cases keep rising in Ghana

The rising number of HIV/AIDS cases in Ghana, according to well-known Ghanaian gospel singer Sonnie Badu, can be attributed to the majority of people having unprotected sex.


He pointed out that people detest using condoms during sex, which causes them to become infected, rather than using them to protect their lives and prevent the spread of STDs like HIV/AIDS.

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The gospel singer continued by saying that people in the public should take a lesson and engage in protected sex because the rate at which HIV/AIDS cases in Ghana are increasing is concerning.


Remedi Entertainment was present when Badu spoke in an interview with Accra FM, during which she urged the Ghana AIDS Commission to step up public education about the risks associated with the disease.


“I read an article about how quickly HIV/AIDS is spreading throughout Ghana, and it seems that after the Christmas season, we have some of the highest rates in Africa. I think a small number of foreign visitors to Ghana in December for the Year of Return may have carried the infection.

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We should be able to inform the public because it is concerning. Some individuals lack self-control and would rather engage in “raw” (concern-free) sexual activity without the use of a condom. Ignorance will lead to its unintentional spread.


The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) was detected in 16,574 new cases in 2022, according to data recently released by the Ghana AIDS Commission.


This number is compared to 18,036 infections that were reported in 2021 overall.


People of all ages were impacted by the 16,574 new HIV infections.


13,706 adults (15 years of age and older), 2,180 children (0–14 years old), 645 teenagers (10–19 years old), and 739 young people (15–24 years old) were all found to have infections.


The additional data showed that 9,359 deaths worldwide from AIDS-related causes were reported in all age groups.


The population was divided as follows: 7,179 adults (15 years and older); 2,180 children (0–14 years); 645 adolescents (10–19 years); and 739 young people (15–24 years).


Ghana currently has 354,927 HIV infections overall, with 330,215 infections occurring in people over the age of 15.






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