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Most people in the creative arts industry are fake and hypocrites – Keche

Ghanaian duo Keche has criticised certain members of the industry, describing them as dishonest, unreliable, and unwilling to help artists advance their careers.


Keche disclosed that certain individuals in the industry have made numerous attempts to disband their group during a recent discussion on Kingdom FM.

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“You are doing the singing, and you have no idea how some people sometimes call Andrew and tell him to forget about Joshua; the same people will call me and tell me to forget about Andrew too,” he said.


Keche Joshua told a tale about how a close friend in the business had advised an event planner not to book them for a performance.


Certain individuals in Ghana express a desire to endorse Keche and even play our recordings. We had an excellent show at the African Movie Academy Awards in Nigeria, where we were accompanied by one Ghanaian actress, Joselyn Dumas, along with numerous other Ghanaian actors and actresses.


“The organisers, who had also picked us up from Ghana, called us after the program to ask if we knew the woman we went with, and we replied in the affirmative. The organizer advised us to proceed with caution, citing their limited interactions with certain Ghanaian actors and actresses who expressed a desire for 4×4 over you. The specific Ghanaian actress who made this statement was mentioned by the organizer.


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