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Most Ghanaian artiste abandon their managers after acquiring visas – Mr. Logic

Famous entertainment analyst and manager of artists from Ghana, Emmanuel Barnes, also referred to as Mr. Logic, has voiced concerns about the trend of artists leaving their managers behind once they achieve success and obtain visas for international performances.

Mr. Logic claims that a lot of Ghanaian artists have a tendency to put their own interests ahead of upholding professional connections. He described how, after years of encouragement and financial support from their managers, some artists desert their managers when they eventually succeed in the industry.

In an interview with Blakk Rasta for 3FM’s Urban Blend, the entrepreneur and artiste manager revealed that some emerging artists do not value their manager’s efforts because they have not received much recognition. He pointed out that after they obtain visas for high-paying international engagements, they frequently break off contact with their managers, who were instrumental in their early careers.

According to Logic, this abandonment not only betrays a lack of trust and loyalty but also shatters the cooperative efforts that are essential for success in the music business.

To support his argument, he related a story about how one of the artists he managed had departed from him after obtaining a visa to enter the UK.

“As for our people from here, you put in the work for them, and they don’t appreciate it. Those who are across borders appreciate the work music executives put in. I’m fully confident that Mo will not let me down because she has seen it all.

“She does not need a visa to America and says since I’m going to America, I will not work with you. The last artiste I worked with got a UK visa and decided not to work with me. A lot of them see getting a visa as a breakthrough,” he said.

But Mr. Logic is sure that Mo, his new artist, will not put him in a similar predicament. But he insisted that “it is more as if you are attacking them, but this is what we go through,” declining to give the names of some artists he has managed who went through the same experience.


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