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MOG Music believes Grammy snub resulted from error in his submission artwork

Award-winning Ghanaian gospel singer and songwriter Nana Yaw Boakye, better known as MOGmusic among the music community, recently discussed his botched attempt to get nominated for a Grammy Award.


The Grammy Recording Academy member and singer of “Mala,” DJ Slim, revealed in an exclusive interview with Hitz FM that he was initially considered for a nomination but was eventually ruled out. He acknowledged that he had made his consideration known to draw attention to himself and his work from other board members.

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“The main reason why I started making noise about my consideration was because I felt it was a big deal. When a majority of Ghanaians start making noise online, there are other Grammy Academy Awards members online who may chance upon the thread and become aware, possibly adding me to their consideration and voting for me to be placed into a category,” he said.


The popular modern gospel musician admitted that he should not have included the official Grammy logo on a promotional flyer and that this is what got him disqualified.


He detailed it by saying, “My social media handler made a mistake and put the official logo of the Grammys, and it got posted. Some Ghanaians drew my attention to it, and we quickly took it down, but it was too late. That is what went wrong on my side; it’s a mistake that my team made, and I take the bullet for myself.”


Despite the regrettable event, MOGmusic urged Ghanaians to cheer for their own and to stop making fun of those who were not selected. He also suggested that Ghanaians should be more cooperative and supportive of one another’s artists in their attempts to get the Grammy board to notice them, rather than mocking those who did not receive nominations.


Along with declaring that trolls and nasty remarks on social media did not bother him, MOGmusic advised other musicians to concentrate on their work rather than wasting time interacting with trolls.

“One piece of advice I have for Ghanaians is that I think we need to be very supportive. Davido submitted his work time and time again, but he just got his nominations. I never saw Nigerians trolling Davido or comparing him to Burna Boy. I think what we should do is be more united so that these people will realize that there is a group of people from Ghana who support their people or go all out for their people. Rather than laughing at Stonebwoy and co. It doesn’t make sense.

“A time will come when Stonebwoy will be nominated, a time will come when I will be nominated. So it is just a matter of keeping up the hard work and putting in the effort. As for me, I’m cool; I’m not bothered. For what I have been able to achieve, it would be very demeaning on my side to come down to their level and go on a back and forth with people who have nothing to lose,” he added.

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