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Mark Okraku Mantey Shares Life Orientation As He Celebrates 47th Birthday

Ace Ghanaian music producer Mark Okraku Mantey shares some of his life orientation to mark his 47th birthday celebration.

Mark Okraku Mantey in the studios of Hitz fm on Daybreak Hitz show, hosted by Andy Dosty shared that he has gotten this far in life due to some of the lessons and advise he got from his first mentor .

Mark Okraku Mantey recounted the words of his first mentor , his father when he was leaving his father’s house to face the world , Be a pre – ampt and stay away from people’s wives .

Mark Okraku Mantey further explained that he is a person that is always solving issues ahead of time , he doesn’t wait till he faces a problem before finding a solution because he always gives himself preambles which are solvable .

Mark Okraku Mantey added that , stay away from people’s wives was not just a statement from his mentor but his father had tried and lived with the effects of it and also when you take something that doesn’t belong to you it turns into a habit , just because you have the urge and libido for it does not mean you must have it .

“ If I see Adjoa and I like her , I can find thousands of people like Adjoa, so why must it be one particular Adjoa”, Mark concluded.

By: Edem Etsa

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