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LilWin will run as an independent candidate for the Afigya Kwabre South parliamentary seat.

Kwadwo Nkansah LilWin, a well-known actor from Kumawood, has announced his intention to run as an independent for the Ashanti Region’s Afigya Kwabre South parliamentary seat.


Liwin decided to enter politics after being convinced to do so by the chiefs and elders of the region.

In an interview with Okay FM, Liwin claimed that the Chiefs had approached him the previous year and encouraged him to run as an independent candidate. He says the Chiefs promised to support him and make sure he won.


“Around October of last year, I was in a situation where several elders came up to me. They claimed that a meeting had already been held to discuss the possibility of my running as an independent candidate to become their MP. They assured me that they would work hard to make sure I won the election.


“More recently, my most recent film, “Mr. President,” heightened their concern. They came for a copy of the film, and after seeing it, they returned and told me that, despite what they had discussed with my mother, my uncle Wofa Atta, and many other members of my family, I had to run for office as an MP,”  he said.


The well-known actor also revealed that, despite having no interest in running for office, local chiefs and leaders persuaded him to do so after promising to be impartial to avoid alienating his supporters.


“Even though I initially said I was not interested, they persisted in pressuring me to run as an independent so I would not alienate any of my supporters—NPP, NDC, or CPP—and do so.


They added that I would receive an English tutor so I could speak more clearly and express myself.


As he discussed his plans for the area, Liwin stated:

“In our region, many of the youth face hardships stemming from drug and alcohol issues. So, I think if I come, I will focus on jobs. Because there are no jobs, they are engaging in all kinds of deviant behaviours.”



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