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“Let Us Rally Together”: Shatta Wale Urges Ghanaian Music Industry Unity for Opportunities

Dancehall musician Shatta Wale, a native of Ghana, expressed his profound concern on Facebook regarding the obstacles impeding the development of his nation’s music industry internationally.

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In an impassioned speech, he draws attention to the urgent problems that have hampered Ghana’s musical potential on the global stage, such as the absence of supportive policies, ageing infrastructure, and scarce resources.


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Shatta Wale makes a strong case for teamwork among creatives in order to overcome these challenges. He highlights the urgency of taking immediate action, emphasising the need to strengthen intellectual property rights and licencing, invest in modern infrastructure, and enhance regulatory frameworks. Shatta Wale hopes that all parties involved in the Ghanaian music industry will work together to establish an atmosphere that draws large international investments. His urgent plea is a poignant reminder that action must be taken quickly to make sure Ghanaian music not only reaches but also resonates on a global scale.

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