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Lack of Funding affecting the production of Ghanaian films on Netflix – Akofa Edjeani

Famous Ghanaian actress Akofa Edjeani voiced worries about the detrimental effects of inadequate funding on the creation and representation of Ghanaian films on Netflix, a global streaming behemoth.


On Wednesday, February 21, 2024, Akofa discussed the difficulties faced by filmmakers in obtaining sufficient funding for their projects on the Asaase Breakfast Show. As a result, there is a discernible discrepancy between the amount and calibre of Ghanaian content available on Netflix. According to her, the film industry’s lack of funding is the reason behind the decline in the quantity of Ghanaian films available on Netflix.

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The seasoned actress made her statement following the declaration by movie producer Umar Krupp that Ghana’s film industry needs to be shut down to undergo a radical makeover. He said that to significantly improve the nation’s economy, the film industry needed to be restructured over five years.


Akofa Edjeani, though, argued that with the correct money for industry participants, the film industry could emerge from dormancy.

“I have scripts lying around. I know other people who have good scripts, but there is no source of funding.” “Funding is such a problem here for us.” We will therefore produce more if investors who are interested in the industry can find funding; after all, the few high-caliber films we make are not bad.

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Consequently, you do not see as many of our films on Netflix because, for every ten producers in this country, there are roughly three hundred elsewhere. Therefore, two of the ten products we make can be released on Netflix,” the spokesperson stated.


The Ghanaian film industry’s inability to compete on a global level has been hampered by a persistent funding shortage. Filmmakers find it difficult to meet the high production standards and international appeal demanded by Netflix and other platforms, Edjeani emphasised, without adequate financial support. Consequently, Ghanaian stories and talents become less visible on the international scene.


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