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KSM endorses the “Watch Your Tongue” Campaign

Celebrated Ghanaian satiric icon Kweku Sintim Misa is latest to endorse the “Watch Your Tongue “ Campaign which is an educational program aimed at teaching people on how to use positive words to ensure peace in Ghana, Africa and the world.

The campaign founded by police officer Daniel Ofori Appiah popularly known as Officer KOA is fast gaining prominence within the Ghanaian setting with prominent personalities adding their voices to it.

The “king of sapphire” KSM was seen in a recent video advising Ghanaians to listen to the Watch Your Tongue message to ensure peace before ,during and after the 2020 general elections.

“If you watch how to act, if you watch how you write and how you communicate with your fellow person we will have a very peaceful election” KSM emphasized.

Watch video below:

By: Kojo Kinn

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