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I’ve not done too well financially as a filmmaker – Akofa Edjeani

Ghanaian actress and producer Akofa Edjeani, who is well-known for her work in film, has openly discussed the financial difficulties she has faced.

In light of the financial realities that many filmmakers face, Edjeani discloses that she has not fared well financially despite her artistic contributions and accolades within the Ghanaian film industry.

The screen goddess revealed in an interview with Kwame Dadzie on Joy Fm A-Z Showbiz that she and her colleague were trying to lay the groundwork for a more robust industry in the future because there were no systems in place for the film industry when she started acting.

In actuality, we did not have one. To ensure that others could visit and enjoy it, we were doing many things and making many sacrifices.

Thus, all of the newcomers who are now having fun are doing so as a result of others’ labour. Thus, we laid the groundwork for the current situation. I have not done too well financially with that.”


The seasoned actress told Kwame Dadzie that she finds fulfilment in her work despite the lack of financial compensation, saying it has been a pleasure to know that her work not only entertains but also inspires others. She claimed that among other things, “it could be a whole lot better” and that more work needs to be done, particularly in terms of pay.


I take great pride in my work, so I am grateful for the positive comments I receive and the encouragement I receive from those who enjoy seeing us—and especially from me—knowing that I have inspired and given hope to someone.


“Because of you, somebody changed their ways for the better; because of you, somebody got into some business, so in that sense, I’m very successful, and I’m happy about it,” she added.


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