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I’ve been depressed for the past 10 years – Kwaw Kesse

Ghanaian musician Kwaw Kese has disclosed that, since his manager, Fennec Okyere, passed away in 2014, he has battled depression for the past ten years.


On March 13, 2014, unknown assailants broke into Fennec Okyere’s Manet residence in Accra and killed him in cold blood. Okyere was the CEO of Madtime Entertainment and Kwaw Kese’s manager.


Bullgod, an artist manager, was placed under arrest in May 2014 following an investigation by the Police Criminal Investigative Department’s (CID) Homicide Unit that “fingered” him as a suspect.


Three years later, Bullgod was freed from the alleged murder of Fennec when the then Attorney-General (AG), Gloria Akuffo, said the state was no longer interested in prosecuting him over the alleged murder.

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Even after ten years, Kwaw Kese and other prominent figures in the industry continue to grieve and seek justice for their friend and coworker.


In a live interview with 3Music on February 22, Kwaw Kesse talked candidly about the incident and revealed that, following Fennec Okyere’s murder in 2014, he had been struggling with depression.

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“I have been depressed for about ten years, which is difficult to say. My manager’s murder was the catalyst for it all. I noticed messages asking me to drop bangers and saying they missed me. Also, I noticed messages from folks informing me that my time was over and other such things. Although he saw that, he was carrying a heavier burden.”.


Kwaw Kesse added that he never sought any professional help due to the negative perception of mental health struggles in Ghana.


Due to Ghana’s unfavourable perception of mental health issues, Kwaw Kesse continued, that he never sought professional assistance.


“In Ghana, there is a belief that talking about your problems makes you look foolish and makes people laugh at you rather than feel sorry for you. Thus, a greater number of people avoid coming out when they are struggling.


“I attempted to handle everything on my own. It was one of the main causes of my frequent travels. “I was attempting to handle it on my own, the difficult way,” he said.


‘Abodam, also known as Kwaw Kesse, claimed that in 2024 he decided to pick himself up and return to his craft.


This year, I decided to tell myself that enough was enough. To restore yourselves to the status you held when your brother was alive, you must act in a way that will make him proud. I have a lot of work ahead of me this year, and I want to surpass my previous performance,” he said.

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